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Model 355 Railroad Signal and Telecom Oriented Digital Multimeter

As of the close of 2021, there were over 3,100 Signalman’s Meters in service in various configurations. Since 2012, the product has been gaining ever wider acceptance and S&C has been receiving many suggestions from the railroad and rail transit signal and telecomm worlds for improvements and accessories.

A hallmark of the company is its posture on such feedback. The growing list of meter capabilities and accessories offered is a testament to the company’s willingness to make the suggestions realities.

The basic Meter has general features and volts, ohms and amps measuring abilities that are railroad and rail transit specific. These include:

  • Simultaneous readout of DC and AC volts on the Volts screen and DC and AC amps on the 10A and 30A screens.
  • Peak Hold operation access from most Volts and Amps screens.
  • Operation to minus 40 degF/C.
  • External access to all service items such as batteries and fuses.
  • CAT III rated, to 600 Volts and 30 Amps
  • Electrical durability is such that many customers believe the meter is indestructible, although it is not.
  • Sensitivities and accuracies that address railroad and rail transit requirements.


The 355 Signalman’s Meter has over 50 different menu options providing all manner of specialized capabilities for rail and rail transit signaling and telecomm uses.

  • Generic and brand specific readers of encoded circuits or those circuits with unique signatures.
  • Automatic voltage type detection on Flash Rate (counter).
  • A Zero to 20kHz Spectrum Analyzer in Volts and Amps.
  • Five automatic converter ratios of millivolts to amps for input from DC/AC current clamps and AC current loops, of a variety of brands (several offered as accessories).
  • Toggle conversion of volts to dB, for reading circuits in dB.
  • And, more.


Accessories cover the waterfront.  If it is imaginable, we probably offer it.  The range of configurations and accessories includes:

  • Multiple-Meter Kits
  • Current Clamps, Current Loops and Signal Amplifier
  • Leads and Connectors
  • Temperature Probe
  • Hi-Rail Truck Meter Connector
  • Miscellaneous Accessories


With over 250 years of collective knowledge and experience in the railroad and rail transit markets, world-wide, S&C Distribution Company has designed and equipped the ultimate signalman’s meter.  See the other sections of this website segment for information on the variety of accessories.  Contact us for the technical details.

The standard Signalman’s Meter operates on four lithium, AA cell batteries.  It is available with an internal, Rechargeable Battery Pack that delivers (as claimed by the battery manufacturer), an incredible 15,000 to 25,000 discharge/recharge cycles.  The 15,000 cycle count represents approximately 100 years of heavy use operating life.  You will never have to buy a battery if you order the Meter with the Rechargeable Battery Pack.  Note that a very-easy-to-install, Battery Pack retro-fit kit is available for in-service Signalman’s Meters.  See adjacent web site Sub-Section 2:  Internal, Rechargeable Battery Pack.

1Model 355 Signalman’s Meter355I-121
2Above, but with internal Rechargeable Battery Pack, Universal Charger and Carry Bag355IRC-121Z
3Above, but with In-Vehicle Charger instead of Universal Charger355IRV-121Z

Signal Amplifier

Converts Current Clamp or Current Loop output from 100mV = 1A, to 1V = 1A. Makes every Volts menu item a one to one current reading item, incl. the Main Volts screen. Especially helpful when reading very low current signals. When switched off, becomes pass-through for conventional volts readings. This capability eliminates the need to install and remove the Amplifier, constantly. Works with 20A/80A DC/AC Clamp, 30A DC/AC Current Clamp and 30A AC Current Loop. Comes complete with pouch and battery.

1Signal Amplifier, Case355-135

Female BNC to Double Banana Plug Adapter

Our 02-3094, BNC to Double Banana Plug Adapter, is  available to adapt current clamps or current loops in your inventory that have a millivolt to Amps ratio that our 355 will work with, but the connector cord for which comes with a male BNC connector.   Our Adapter includes a standard, female BNC connector.  The spacing of the double banana plugs exactly matches the Volts and Common spacing on our Meter.  Allows your existing clamp and loop inventory to plug and play.

1Adapter, Female BNC, to double banana plug02-3094

Male BNC to Double Banana Jack Adapter Kit

Our 355-28-18K Kit allows the use of various scopes and
other devices equipped with BNC connectors with S&C accessory current clamps. This Adapter includes a standard, male BNC connector and dual, shielded banana jacks (see RH photo). In addition to the Adapter, the Kit includes an 8 foot set of leads with straight, shielded banana plugs on both ends.

AKit Adapter, Male BNC to Double Banana Jack
and set of Leads 8 ft., shielded banana plugs
BAdapter, male BNC to double banana jack355-28-18
CLead Set, 8 ft., shielded banana plugs both ends355-29