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40V Surge Network

Frequently, Slide Fence, High Water Detector and Style “C” Track Circuits are put in service in locations where lightning is a serious, seasonal problem.  We have developed a surge protection scheme that treats all in and outbound wires connected to the AC Source and Power units as a network.  The 40 Volt Auxiliary Surge Network protects our 215 Series Slide Fence, High Water Detector and Track circuit equipment from surges that get through primary track, line and power-side arrestors. It should be used with standard lightning protection apparatus, not as a standalone device. By holding all five inputs and outputs on a 215A-1 or 215A-10 to a common value that will not exceed 200 volts, it prevents damage caused by fast moving initial spikes and metallic surges resulting from unbalanced circuits. The protective theory employed has been well-proven in the service performance of our Track Diode.