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AC Current Loop

Current Loops in this section have been selected to work with the 355 Signalman’s Meter. These loops offer the most suitable range of current reading capacities of those products available. They also offer a range of conductor and device clamping capacities that address the various needs of conventional and electrified railroads.

Current Loop reads AC only.  Loop will fit around 115RE to 140 RE Rail.  Primary users are electrified transit railroads.  However, non-electrified railroads have found that this Current Loop enables signal maintainers to identify on which side of bi-directional motion responsive circuits a short or open is located.

1%-of-reading accuracy in two sets of ranges:
355-39 – 50mA to 30A and 5A to 300A.
355-42 – 5A to 1000A.

Use 355 Menu option “Volts to Amps” to convert output for direct-read of current values. Carry Pouch for Sensor clips to side of Meter Case.  Current Loop PN:  35-39 can be used with the 355-135 Signal Amplifier.

1Loop, 50mA to 30A, 11″ dia.355-39
2Loop, 5A to 1000A, 11″ dia.355-42