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DRD Substitute

Pad shown is attached to the 30A Input of the 355, with the AF Cab Reader in the Volts or Amps Menus allows it to function as a DRD for AF cab signal systems.

Note that a Pad is not required for a 0.06 Ohm testing resistance.  Simply using leads of an appropriate length is sufficient.  For 0.06 Ohms, order Lead Set:  330-15

10.20 Ohm Resistance355-020
20.25 Ohm Resistance355-025
30.50 Ohm Resistance355-050

200 & 600 Ohm Termination Pads

For use with cable and line circuit maintenance where audio frequency equipment is used to link a central office with outlying locations for controls and indications. Use Pads with the 355 Meter dBu Toggle, to read in decibels instead of VRMS. Toggle switches all AC voltage functions such as the basic voltmeter, Spectrum Analyzer, Min/Max, Electro Scope, etc., to dBu.

1600 Ohm Resistance355-600
2200 Ohm Resistance355-200

Portable Shunts, 50 & 100 Amp

Portable Shunts expand the current measuring capacity of the Signalman’s Meter (50A Shunt shown). Special needs including measuring the current draw of class yard retarder motors are addressed by these two Shunts. Put Shunt in series with the load and measure voltage drop across the Shunt. Volts to current ratio is the same for both Shunts. Use “S&C 50A Shunt” menu option in Volts Scale of 355 Meter to read amps directly.

1Shunt, 50A, w/Scabbard & Conn.355-20
2Above, but 100A,355-40

Rechargeable Battery Retro-fit Kit

Add rechargeable battery capability to Signalman’s Meter.  Adds 2″ in length and 1.5 pounds to 355 Meter.

The kit (shown, less the extended zippered case) includes:

  • 6VDC, 2.9AH Lead Acid Gel Cell
  • Modified battery drawer serving as Connector and Charging Port
  • 6VDC Charger
  • Extended Orange, Zippered Padded Case

1Kit, Rechargeable Battery355K-EB001