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Breaker Jumper

The single largest cause of activation failures of crossing warning systems in the United States is that a maintainer, following completion of his monthly battery test, forgets to restore commercial power feed to the battery charger at a crossing warning location. S&C Distribution Company has developed a unique Jumper for use with its Model 500A Jumper Keeper intended to be specifically used when the Maintainer conducts his monthly battery test. This unique Jumper is removed from the Jumper Keeper and clipped to the trip lever of the power breaker or some other point immediately adjacent to the power breaker panel prior to opening the commercial power feed. When the Maintainer completes his battery capacity test and restores the power breaker, he retrieves his Breaker Jumper and reinstalls it on the Jumper Keeper Rack Unit. If he should fail to remember to restore the breaker, and retrieve his Breaker Jumper, the Jumper Keeper reminds him to do so.

The unique, 3 foot long, double-wire, red and yellow jumper with white boots is like nothing else in the
Maintainer’s kit. It is further personalized to the Maintainer who is assigned it, by having a sleeve on a
wire at each end with a number that identifies the Maintainer to whom it is assigned. Wires are 18 gauge with EPDM rubber jackets.