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Bungalow Jumper Keeper

Bungalow Jumper Keeper’s purpose is to help a conscientious signalman remember that a jumper is out of place, and possibly incorrectly left installed in the signal system, when it comes time for him to leave the area. Power is applied to Jumper Keeper at installation. A green “Power” LED on the face of the unit indicates that power is being applied through the system and that wiring between the internal controller, through the jumper connection points and the Extension Port Terminator is intact. If the cause of an alarm is a loose wiring connection, the green “Power” LED will be out.

All six jumpers must be in place on the jumper connection points to prevent the Bungalow Jumper Keeper system from alarming. Alarms include a pulsing, 80 dbA audible alarm and a red, “Jumper Off” LED on the control panel; and a red LED corresponding to the pair of jumper mounting lugs where the jumpers are stored. If all jumpers are in place, a green LED will be activated on the control panel and all the red LED’s among the jumper connection points will be out.

Additional features in the Bungalow Jumper Keeper include a timed-out Reset capability that allows the
user to turn off (for approximately 10 minutes, repeatable) the audible alarm if a jumper is in use and the audible alarm is temporarily not necessary for safety, and a 1 Amp Resettable Circuit Breaker for over-current protection. For circumstances where a jumper capacity in excess of six jumpers is required, Extension Rack Units are available to add additional jumper capacity in multiples of six (up to a total of five additional Extension Rack Units). This is done by connecting to the system through the Extension Port. Numbered jumpers are available in red, black, white, green, blue and yellow.

A special Bungalow Jumper Keeper (Model 515, shown in accompanying drawing) is available that
includes a relay drive circuit and an Alarm Relay, to indicate a removed Jumper, that can be wired into
signal system supervisory circuits, to input to a local data logger and/or to activate a Left Jumper Sign
placed adjacent to the bungalow exit. It is a specific feature of this design that pressing the Alarm Delay does not affect the relay, only the audible output. The only action that will clear the Alarm Relay is to replace the jumper.

514 Series Left Jumper Signs

Left Jumper Warning Signs are accessories for the 505 and 515 Bungalow Jumper Keepers. They are designed to be installed in bungalows, adjacent to the bungalow door to remind a maintainer that he has left a Jumper out of place as he is leaving. Two styles are available. Bright Red LED’s flash while jumpers are removed. The Signs can be circuited to remain flashing when the Beeper on the Jumper Keeper has been silenced. Both will operate on 120VAC and 12VDC. They are housed in durable, steel boxes.

Flashing Red “X”, 10″ x 10″ square. Bright Red border. Beyond border, text is Red on White
background. “X” composed of 22 high-brilliance Red LED’s that flash in unison when jumpers are
removed from the Rack on the Bungalow Jumper Keeper or Extension Rack Units, if used.
Ordering Reference: 514-10

Flashing Red “Jumper”, 20″ x 6″ rectangle. White border. Within border, “Jumper” text is 108
high brilliance, Red LED’s with Black background. LED’s flash in unison when jumpers are
removed from the Rack on the Bungalow Jumper Keeper or Extension Rack Units, if used.
Ordering Reference: 514-20

Jumper Ordering Guide

GENERAL The following information is designed to assist the user in configuring Signal Jumpers, for use with the Jumper Keeper, or other signal applications. Key facts that should be addressed by a selected Jumper.

a. Number of Jumpers per Jumper Keeper Rack Unit – 6
b. Standard length of Jumpers – 8 ft.
c. Standard gauge of Jumpers – 18 AWG
d. Standard Color of Jumper Wire and Clip Boots – Red
e. Standard Jumper comes with Labeling Sleeves at each end of the Jumper that will accommodate nine characters (combination of letters and numbers) each, for individual
f. Dimensions to be gripped by Jumper Clips- RSA/AAR Terminal Post -1/4″ RSA/AAR Clamp
or Binding Nut – 1/2″
g. Jaw Opening provided by Claw Clips offered by S&C. Note that it is recommended that
Jumpers for Jumper Keeper use have a Jaw Opening not to exceed 5/8 inches.

h. Colors Available – Boots and Wire in Yellow, Blue or White can initially be long lead-time items

Notes: 1. If boots and wires are different colors, wire is first in sequence (e.g. RRWT is Jumper with Red wire and White boots)
2. If Sets include Jumpers of two different colors, the color codes are separated by a plus sign (e.g. RR + GN is a Jumper Set with Red and Green Jumpers where boots and wires are the same colors) and the Set count reflects the multiple colors. For instance, a Set of six Jumpers, where three are red and three are green, would show a Set count of: 33.

j. Occasionally, more space will be required for complete identification of individually assigned
jumpers. To add an additional sleeve (accommodates up to nine additional characters) to each end of the jumper, put an “S” immediately behind the color code (e.g. 500-8- RRS- 27- 18) when creating the ordering reference.


Using the information above you can create an ordering reference unique to your needs. The following
establishes the format:

Individual Jumpers
500- (length of wire in feet)- (color of boots & wire)- (clip size)- (wire gauge)
Example: 500-8-RR-27-18

Jumper Sets
500- (length of wire in feet)- (color of boots & wire)- (clip size)- (wire gauge)-(# of Jumpers in a set)
Example: 500-8-RR-27-18-6