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DC/AC Current Clamps

Current Clamps in this section have been selected to work with the 355 Signalman’s Meter. These clamps offer the most suitable range of current reading capacities of those products available. They also offer a range of conductor and device clamping capacities that address the various needs of conventional and electrified railroads.

20A/80A DC & AC Current Clamp

Current Clamp is switch- selectable 20A or 80A DC & AC.  355 Meter Volts to Amps menu option converts voltage outputs of Clamp to current readings.

Test Range      355 Menu Option
0 – 20A              S&C 30A Clamp
0 – 80A              S&C 200A Low

Clamp is switch-selectable, dual-mode.  Reads DC & AC, separately.  Max  cable size:  4/0.  With lithium battery, low end of temp range is-20degF.  Comes complete with:  5.5 ft. Leads, lithium battery and tool pouch case that attaches to 355 Meter Case.  Can be used with the 355-135 Signal Amplifier.

1Current Clamp, 20A/80A, DC&AC, Pouch, Leads355-49

High DC & AC Amperage Current Clamps

Current Clamps are switch- selectable as listed. 355 Meter, Volts to Amps menu option converts voltage outputs of Clamps to current readings.

355-27 Hi Current Ranges:
20 – 2000A DC
40 – 4000A AC-PTP

Low Current Ranges:
2 – 200A DC
40 – 400A AC-PTP

Jaw Opening:3.3 in.
Max Dia. Cable: 3.2 in.
Max Bus Bar: 4.8 x 2.10 in.,4.0 x 2.5 in.

355-28 Hi Current Ranges:
40 – 4000A DC
80 – 8000A AC-PTP

Low Current Ranges:
5 – 500A DC
10 – 1000A AC-PTP

Jaw Opening: 355-28 – 2.9 in.
Max Dia. Cable: 355-28 – 2.8 in.
Max Bus Bar: 5.0 x 1.7 in., 4.0 x 2.0 in..

With lithium battery, low end of temp range: -20 degF.
Comes complete w/8 ft. Leads, Lithium Batt, Carry Case, HD Carry Bag and Instruction Manual

1Current Clamp, 2000 & 200 Amp355-27
2Current Clamp, 4000 & 500 Amp355-28


DC & AC 200A & 2000A Ranges Switch-selectable.

  • 1.25 in. (31.75mm) Dia. Clamp fits 500MCM Cable
  • Frequency Range: DC to 20kHz
  • Temp Range: -20 to 122 deg F

Comes w/6.5 ft (2m) cord, lithium battery & tool pouch carry case.

1Current Clamp, 200A & 2000A Amp355-37