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Diode Jumper

Not a product that is used every day, but this new idea can save your company an FRA False Activation fine during track maintenance activities. It also will substantially reduce the risk taken when you use it to clear a crossing while trouble-shooting. Works with a Style C, AC/DC Track Circuit that is causing the gates to be down, without a train present, or are pumping. It allows you to selectively jumper up the circuit that is failing, not the entire crossing warning control system. 

Our Diode Jumper includes a built-in, heavy-duty diode that can be applied in the bungalow or case,
across a Track Driver or Track Power Unit output and relay power return, while you look for the cause of
the failure. Polarities are marked in addition to utilizing the traditional colors of red and black to show
polarity, preventing further damage caused by a hook-up error. Jumpers come complete with sleeves at
each end that can include user identification up to a combination of nine letters and numbers. This
feature allows this specialized jumper to be incorporated into your Jumper Control procedure. Specify
Jumper identity information at the time of ordering.

NOTE: Each Jumper is furnished with a highly durable label, intended to be a permanent part of the
assembly, that reads: “This Diode Jumper MUST be removed from the circuit it is jumpering before
normal train operation is allowed over the track circuit where the Jumper is being used.11