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Hi-Rail Truck Meter Connector Kit

From the time the Signalman’s Meter was introduced, in 2012, customers have asked for a way to connect it to the track, from a high rail vehicle. The product set is now available, an Interface Dash Unit and a set of electrical Sweeps for mounting to the high-rail apparatus.

Interface Dash Unit

The Interface Dash Unit can be ordered with one or two resistances and comes with an Open to accommodate a meter. The Open also serves to remove the shunting function from the track altogether. Closing all the gold nut test switches creates a Zero Ohm shunt. Special test leads (furnished) connect the Signalman’s Meter or other to the Interface Dash Unit through the RSA Hex Nut Connectors at each end of the Dash Unit, as can be seen above. Shunt values can be any resistance offered with our Commissioning and Testing Shunt product line. The Dash Unit is provided with two cables (6AWG welding cable), lug-equipped (lug for 1/4 in. dia. bolt) for the run from the truck cab to the high rail assembly.

Electrical Sweeps

The Electrical Sweeps are intended to replace the clearing sweeps furnished with the high rail apparatus. They are furnished in pairs per the drawing above. Sweep brushes are constructed with 1/2 inch wire rope, and include a Cable Connector braised to the wire rope. Connector receives and secures the cable from the Dash Unit. Insulating washers and bushings are furnished for both Sweeps to isolate them from the high rail apparatus. Sweeps are adjustable as wear occurs.

Due to the variety of high rail equipment available, it is likely that some field engineering will be required to adapt our Sweeps to the vehicles to be equipped. Basic dimensional details are as follows:

  • Overall Length of Sweep: 9 inches
  • Width of Sweep Clamps: 4 inches
  • Mounting Bolt Centers: 2 inches
  • Mounting Bolt Size: 3/8-16 X 2-1/2 in. lg

1Shunt/Meter Interface Kit, Single Resistance,
for High Rail (specify resistance), Dash Unit,
Sweeps, 15 ft. Cables, Leads
1AAbove, but 30 ft Cables344-5000-(X)-30
3Dash Unit w/Cable (specify length & resistance(s), Replacement344-(X)OV-(X)
4Sweeps, Pair, w/Insulating Washers, Bushings,