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High Water Detectors & Control Circuit

We have configured High Water Detectors to address long- standing designs that employ 8 wire and four wire DC circuits, and one of our own design that uses a two-wire AC/DC circuit similar to a Slide Fence circuit.  Basic Detector is a four loop electrode.  Three major advantages accrue to the S&C, two-wire design:  considerably less cable used, low current use enabling solar panel charging of operating battery and significantly improved shunting sensitivity.  In the two-wire design, a 215B-2 AC Source Unit generates a 180Hz signal that feeds a 215A-10 Power Unit, which amplifies the signal level and matches the impedance of the line or cable for the circuit that is routed to the 205-3 High Water Detector, or through a series of 205-1 Detectors to the terminating 205-3 Detector.  All components requiring power operate on 12DC.  Maximum circuit length with a 500 Ohm line  relay is equivalent to the resistance of 47 miles of copper-clad line wire (out and back).  Recommended circuit includes push-button reset to prevent electrolysis and wave action causing a cycling of the high water detection.  Detectors come with two half-clamps that permit mounting of the Detector to a flat surface.  Order back halves of the clamps for mounting to pipes or poles. Contact us for a detailed application guide for High Water Detectors. 

High Water Detector for 8 wire DC Voltage detection circuit or use as intermediate detectors in a series of detectors terminating with the 205-3 Detector
Ordering Ref:  205-1

High Water Detector for 4 wire DC Voltage detection circuit
Ordering Ref:  205-2

High Water Detector for 2 wire AC/DC detection circuit
Ordering Ref:  205-3



AC Source Unit215B-2
Line or Cable Power Unit215A-10
Circuit Terminating Diode (incl. in 205-3 Detector)217DHW
40 Volt Surge Protecting Network for 215A-10 and associated 215B-2215A-18
Circuit Panel for rack or backboard mounting less current adjusting resistor and less Surge Network215-2010
(Picture) Circuit Panel, above but with adj. resistor to enable extra-low current use215-2020
Circuit Panel, above but with 215A-18 Surge Network built-in215-2021

Heavy Duty Push-Button, for HWD circuit reset – Ordering Ref: 205-10

Back Clamp Halves for mounting HWD to 4.5 in OD pipe or pole – Ordering Ref: 205-18A

Back Clamp Halves for mounting HWD to 6.5 in OD pipe or pole – Ordering Ref: 205-188

Back Clamp Halves for mounting HWD to 8.0 in OD pipe or pole – Ordering Ref: 205-18C

Hy Duty Resistor, Adjustable 500 Ohm, 50W – Ordering Ref: 215-500

Heavy Duty Resistor, Fixed, 46 Ohm – Ordering Ref: 215-146