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Isolated Talker

For use with Slide Fences, High Water Detectors, Dragging Equipment Detectors, High-Wide Load Detectors and Hot Box Detectors. Communicates trackside conditions to trains upon occurrence of event or upon remote DTMF key inquiry.  Four isolated inputs for detection equipment or track circuits.  Inputs accommodate AC or DC, 10 to 240 volts,10-15mA.  Talker can work with wheel/axle count input. Announcements can be selected from a pre-recorded menu or you can record your own.  Isolated internal power supply runs on 12 or 24VDC, using less than 100mA when no audio output is being generated. The Isolated Talker and S&C Slide Fence and High Water Detector circuit equipment are designed to present low current draws.  With careful selection of accessories, the result can be an installation that will operate on solar charged batteries eliminating the need for a  connection to commercial power.  Use of the word “Isolated” indicates that a ground related to control inputs or the internal workings of the Talker will not ground a signal battery which may be used to power the Talker.  Use of an isolated DC to DC converter is required to fully isolate, electrically, any attached radio, due to its antenna ground.  We offer such an accessory, which is listed in the ordering references. Operating temperature:  -40degF to +140 degF.

Also, essential to use of this device is a radio appropriate for the purpose.  One commonly suitable radio option is available through S&C Distribution Company and an ordering reference is included below. Critical to the successful functioning of a “talker” of any brand is the ability of the radios used, to communicate with one another. Radio wave propagation is a science unto itself and neither this web listing, nor our personnel, are capable of more than establishing the importance of making good decisions in this regard.  If your knowledge does not include details of radio application, it is highly recommended that you obtain the assistance of a knowledgeable person before ordering the radio. The antenna to be used must also be included in the conversations.  The radio we offer as an accessory is limited in output to 30 Watts, and will only work where a 30 Watt radio will reach the intended receiving radio. Unfortunately, local conditions preclude the development of radio range guidelines.  Line-of-sight generally rules.


Isolated Talker, 12VDC, 4 Control Inputs205215A
Above, but for 24VDC operation205217A
GPS Clock Auto Adjust Option (order with unit)205215A-GPS
Adapter Panel for 19 inch rack mounting of Talker, only205215-10
Isolated DC to DC Converter, 12VDC, 13.6VDC/15A Out215-CON1675
Isolated DC to DC Converter, 24VDC, 13.6VDC/15A Out215-CON1675-24
Radio, 30W, 12VDC operation205215-112
Radio, Above, but for 24VDC operation205215-124
Antenna for above radio to be determined by location         N/A