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Jumper Keeper Delay Hold Controller

Today distracted driving is a well-recognized problem. Frequently jumper use, such as T&S gang support, extends through the day. After installing the jumpers, a maintainer may need to drive to some location for lunch, a bathroom break, etc. The basic safety feature of the Jumper Keeper, the alarm indicating that a jumper is missing from its Rack Unit storage, can be very distracting; so can pushing the Alarm Delay button every ten minutes while driving. S&C has developed an accessory to the Jumper Keeper that allows a maintainer to temporarily keep his Jumper Keeper in the Alarm Delay mode while sitting in his vehicle or driving on a break. 

The large (5″ dia.) Delay Hold Button is ruggedized for use in handicapped environments. It comes with an 8 ft. cord that connects the Button to the Jumper Keeper. To use the Delay Hold Controller, after it is connected to the Jumper Keeper, simply place the button under your thigh which will maintain the Jumper Keeper in the Delay Mode until the button is released. Once the Button is released, the Jumper Keeper operates as intended. We envision that the Delay Hold Controller would be disconnected from the “Y” connector and stored in the zippered bag furnished with it when not in use. It would be reconnected to the “Y” connector the next time it is needed. Installation is easy. 

Disconnect the Rack Unit Connector Cord from the Jumper Keeper Dash Unit. Connect the single-plug end of the “Y” Cord (shown in photo) to the Dash Unit, the loose end of the Rack Unit Cord to one of the “Y” leads and the Delay Hold Controller Cord to the other. The “Y” Connector becomes a permanent part of the Jumper Keeper installation.