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LO/TO Kits

Long-honored industrial lock-out/tag-out safety procedures can now be accomplished with
railroad signal systems. Improve the safety of signal system maintenance procedures with these blocks. Designed by knowledgeable signalmen with an understanding of both the industrial procedures, and railroad signal circuits and equipment.

Blocks can address all railroad signal system devices that may require lock-out/tag-out security.
Available are single Blocks for various types of test nut switches and RSA terminals, networks of such
Blocks for the times where more than one circuit should be interrupted and large paddle Blocks for
crossing gate mechanism and switch machine contacts.

Individual blocks and networks are punched and can be equipped with DO NOT OPERATE tags for
added safety. Tags can be ordered in Spanish and French for locations that require these languages.
Kits are available with multiple pieces of common blocks or kits can be configured by the purchaser. All
blocks are manufactured from durable, highlight-red, non-conductive, fiber glass. The textured surface
helps to retain the Blocks in finger-type contacts.