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Replacement Battery

PN: 04-1018 (4 req’d); 

Battery, Lithium, AA Size, 1.5V, 3000 mAh, 50.5mm H x 14.5 mm Dia., 14.5 g with PTC switch. 

Note:  this is a lithium/iron disulfide battery (Li/FES2), not to be confused with the problematic lithium ion battery (Li-Ion).  Lithium disulfide batteries require careful handling and proper disposal as are also required of alkaline batteries.

Replacement Fuse

PN: 04-1019

  • 10A Fast Acting 600V fuse

Replacement Fuse

PN: 04-1020

  • 30A Fast Acting 600V fuse

Replacement Meter Case

Triple Meter Case Configuration

  • Meter Case: 355-15
  • Case For 355-19 or -49
  • Current Clamp & 360 Ground Finder: 360-12

Special Replacement Parts for Meters with Internal, Rechargeable Battery Pack

355k-EB-6 & 355K-EB-21            





1 Battery Pack & Chrgr Controller w/6 LTO batteries 355K-EB-6
2 Wire Set, 8 in. Battery Pack to Meter 355K-EB-20
3 Charging Port w/Wires 02-3001A-0600
4 Charging Port Connector 355K-EB-21
5 Carry Bag, HD Nylon, Orange w/Red Web Handles 506ARN14ZB
6 Universal Charger, 100-250 VAC to 12VDC 324-46XX