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Model 401 Impedance Bond Tester

Easily portable tester allows measurement of bonds in-track. Provides qualitative information (impedance, shorted, open and tuning point) on tuned impedance bonds. Frequency range: 10Hz to 5000Hz. Three scan options: 74Hz Center (10Hz to 138Hz -Impedance recorded at 50Hz, 60Hz & 100Hz); 154Hz Center (90Hz to 217Hz -Impedance recorded at 100Hz and 200Hz) and Full Scan (10Hz to 5000Hz). Disconnect only one side of bond to test. Determine DC ohms. To assure accuracy of test results, Impedance Bond Simulator included with each unit to serve as a calibration check device. 

Operating Temperature Range:

  • -40degF to 140degF. 

Runs on internal, rechargeable 12V gel cell. 

Comes Complete With:

  • Leads
  • Universal Charger
  • In-Vehicle Charging Adapter
  • Sun Shields
  • Impedance Bond Simulator and HD
  • Zippered Carry Bag

Ordering References: 

  • 401-1A Impedance Bond Tester, complete
  • 401-1000 Impedance Bond Simulator In addition to above, includes basics for implementing recording feature including MiniKeyboard for data entry, USB to SD Adapter and SD Card. 
  • 401-18 Impedance Bond Simulator. Serves as device to confirm proper operation of the 401-1A