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355K-EB6 Rechargeable Battery Kit

The Rechargeable Battery Pack (Meter with Battery Pack shown open) has several benefits that make it superior to disposable lithium Double A’s. The new lithium titanate battery chosen has an incredible 15,000, minimum, discharge/recharge cycles which suggests this will be the last battery purchased for the Signalman’s Meter.

It also has a starting Voltage of 8.4 Volts over the 6 Volts at which the Double A’s begin. Customer feedback has been extremely positive with people saying they hardly ever have to charge it. And if the Battery Pack is fully depleted, a 30-minute charge will give you 4 hours of operation. A full charge, which takes 4 hours, will give you 58 hours of operation.

Disposable lithium Double A’s only provide 30 hours of operation.
The Battery Pack matches the temperature range of the lithium AA cells we use and recommend. Further, this option eliminates the risk of Alkaline Battery Damage from maintainers not using lithium Double A batteries and also eliminates any potential battery drawer issues. The Battery Pack is available in new 355 Signalman’s Meters and as a simple Retro-Fit Kit for meters already in the field.

324-EB6-12VDC In-Vehicle Charger

Our 324-EB6-12, In-Vehicle Charger is for use with the 355 Signalman’s Meters that have the new Internal Rechargeable Battery Pack. This allows you to top off the 355 on the way to the work site. A half-hour charge of a fully depleted battery pack will provide 4 hours of use.  This Charger includes an LED that reports the status of operation. It is a constant voltage, constant current device that connects to a Vehicle Cigarette Lighter or Similar Port. Output is 1.A at 12VDC

New 355 “Track Diode Test” Menu Option

Our new 355 Signalman’s Meter Software Update (Version 1.41, non-e, e and mm) includes a “Track Diode Tester”.   This Option is found in the Ohms Menu.  It allows you to test Track Diodes such as the Ring 10 and our 217 Series Track Diodes.

You can now test Track Diodes in track by simply disconnecting one side of the Diode. The 355 reads the forward voltage produced by the diode. You will know the Track Diode is in working condition if the reported voltage is high enough, as detailed in the instructions. If the reported voltage is higher than it should be, in the case of the Ring 10 Diode, one or several of the internal diodes have failed and it may no longer produce enough current to energize the Track Relay. “Track Diode Test” will also tell you if the Diode is Open or Shorted.

Call our office (708-444-4908) or use the “Request Support” section of our website to begin the process of receiving this software update.

324-311 Single Lead Head Clamp Kit or 344-201 Single Lead Base Clamp Kit

Both Head of Rail and Base of Rail Kits allow one hand to be free when taking Rail to Rail readings with the 355 Signalman’s Meter or 344 Short Finder. This kit was specifically developed for using the Spectrum Analyzer on the 355 Signalman’s Meter or 344 Short Finder. With the standard lead set, both hands are required to push the probe tips into each rail, which prevents the ability to “Scroll” through each frequency on the rail. Doing this requires pressing the “A” Button on the meter. Rather than resorting to use your nose to push the button, with this kit, one hand is free. You’re able to scroll to the desired frequency, or to use other menu features, such as the Electro-Code Feature, Min/Max, or more.