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Obstruction Gauges

They improve safety and efficiency.  The S&C Distribution Company, Obstruction Gauges are unique in their design.  A hoop spring with feet supports two double-ended, rotatable, locking Gap Gauge pieces.

The hoop spring and feet keep the Gauge in place on the rail and the rotatable, locking Gap Gauge piece enable an opposing, go-no-go combination.  Simply lift and rotate the Gauge to get go and no-go tests.

Our involvement with Obstruction Gauges has brought about the development of multiple configurations. The result is the following list of Gauges.  While the list is extensive, there may be a combination of Gap Gauges that would better meet your needs.  Contact us for a quote on your requirements.

The Handles offered are commonly purchased for use with Obstruction Gauges used in classification yards where a substantial number of switches are tested, and the Handle facilitates testing; and, as a safety measure, with an insulated staff, by transit railways powered by a system with third rail pick-up.

Standard Obstruction Gauges

Gap Gauges  3/16 in & 5/16 in.  Opposing:  1/4 in. & 3/8 in.236-382A
Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 1/4 in.      Opposing:  3/16 in. & 3/8 in.236-382B
Gap Gauges  1/4 in & 1/2 in.      Opposing:  3/16 in. & 3/8 in.236-382C
Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 3/8 in.      Opposing:  1/4 in. & 1/2 in.236-382D
Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 1/4 in.      Opposing:  2mm & 4mm236-382E
Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 3/16 in.    Opposing:  1/4 in. & 1/2 in.236-382F
Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 1/4 in.      Opposing:  3/8 in. & 1/2 in.236-382G
Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 3/16 in.    Opposing:  1/4 in. & 3/8 in.236-382H

Obstruction Gauges For Movable Point Frogs


Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 1/4 in.     Opposing:  3/16 in. & 3/8 in.

Spring 3 in. across


Gap Gauges  1/8 in & 1/4 in.     Opposing:  3/16 in. & 3/8 in.

Spring 6 in. across


To order any type Gauge with a Handle, add an “H” w/either “-18” or “-29”, as appropriate, to the end of the Obstruction Gauge ordering reference, for example:  236-382DH-29.

Obstruction Gauges For Use With Snow Panels

This product was recently developed in response to a customer request.  Snow panels that are semi-permanently mounted in place for the winter season will prevent the use of our standard, double-sided Obstruction Gauge.  If an obstruction test has to be conducted while the snow panels are in place, this product makes it easy to take advantage of the features of the preferred S&C Obstruction Gauge, without removing the panel. To order, choose the Gap Gauge dimension pair from those listed in the below table. Add the Suffix shown to the end of the basic ordering reference. 236-382L Example. Gauge with 1/4″ & 3/8″ Gap Gauge dimensions: 236-382L-2

Gap Gauge PairSuffix Gap Gauge PairSuffix
1/8″ & 3/16″17 3/16″ & 3/8″5
1/8″ & 1/4″4 1/4″ & 3/8″2
1/8″ & 3/8″12 1/4″ & 1/2″6
1/8″ & 1/2″9 3/8″ & !/2″11
3/16″ & 5/16″1 2mm & 4mm16

Handles can be added to the Snow Panel Gauge to make high-count testing less demanding. See the discussion of Handles in the Obstruction Gauge listing