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Portable Jumper Keeper

The 501 A Portable Jumper Keeper employs the standard Jumper Keeper Dash and Rack Units in portable package that is easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. The portable capability addresses in particular the temporary need for a Jumper Keeper in a rented vehicle, or where Jumper Keepers are only required in certain circumstances. Simply plug the five foot, accordion power cord for the 501 A into a power port that is only operational when the vehicle ignition switch is turned on.

To maintain the Jumper Keeper•s ability to alert the signalman that he is leaving a jumper, it is essential
that the vehicle to be equipped with the Portable Jumper Keeper does not energize the power ports when the ignition is off. If this is not the case with the vehicle you intend to use with the Portable Jumper Keeper, a female cigarette style plug with two six foot leads for attachment to the appropriate connection points of the vehicle fuse block is available (see below).