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Model 330 DC Relay Slide

S&C Distribution Company is solidly anchored in the North American railway signal market, and is now becoming globalized by our dealings beyond the United States, Canada and Mexico.  You may be interested to know the source of the term we use to name our signal relay test sets; the word “Slide”. In the very early days of railroad signal relay testing in North America, to vary the voltage and current to a relay under test, a very large, finely-wound, slide-adjustable resistor was used.  The phrase used to describe testing relays was “sliding relays”.  Acknowledging the heritage of the practice, we chose to call our railroad signal relay test sets, “Relay Slides”.

Beyond Relay Slides, the other devices in this section of our web site grew out of the same heritage and reflect the collective 250 plus years of railroad signaling experience of the designers.  The products include features that greatly enhance their effectiveness-to-purpose as railroad signal test equipment. Many of these features carry no significance beyond railroad and rail transit signalmen, but are of great     value to them.

Model 330 DC Relay Slide, 10-16V Operating Voltage – Latest in a line of DC Relay Slides, dating back to 1990.  Smallest comprehensive railroad signal relay test set on the market.  Simultaneous volts and amps readout.   Polarity reversing switch.  Increased current capacity; 1.99A.  Electrically rugged; will operate into a dead short.  Three circuits most vulnerable to “screwdriver lightning” fuse protected. Charge button allows saturation of relay coil without unnecessary pot spinning; reduces relay testing time by 50%.  Operating temperature range 15degF to 158degF.  Comes with two sets of leads (10A, five foot leads with Claw Clips; and 10A, eight foot leads with alligator clips), and zippered, padded nylon case with extra-large lead storage pocket.  Full range of signalman-proven accessories allows configuration of a Kit meeting all your needs.  See below.


1Model 330 DC Relay Slide, 10-16V Operating Voltage330-5


Model 330 DC Relay Slide, 28V – Specialized version of above Slide, for ATP relay testing.  Input voltage 12 to 28VDC, 1.99A.  Includes all features of 330-5 Slide, above.


1Model 330 DC Relay Slide, 28V330-6