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Model 331-1 DC/AC Relay Slide

Model 331-1 DC/AC Relay Slide, 10-16V – Introduced to accommodate AC PO relays, and AC Vane Relays used with electrified railroads, in addition to conventional DC relays. Smallest, comprehensive, dual-voltage railroad signal relay test set on the market. Simultaneous volts and amps readout. Polarity reversing switch. Increased current capacity; 1.99A. Electrically rugged; will operate into a dead short. Three circuits most vulnerable to “screwdriver lightning” fuse protected. Charge button allows saturation of relay coil without unnecessary pot spinning; reduces relay testing time by 50%. Operating temperature range 15degF to 158degF. Comes with two sets of leads (10A, five foot leads with Claw Clips; and 10A, eight foot leads with alligator clips), and zippered, padded nylon case with extra-large lead storage pocket. Full range of signalman-proven accessories allows configuration of a Kit meeting all your needs. See below.


1Model 331-1 DC/AC Relay Slide, 10-16V331-1