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Model 360 Ground Finder

Stand-alone tool designed to simplify, expedite and standardize the testing for grounds.  Testing voltage is 22.5VDC in both “Test” and “Confirm” modes, avoiding “masking” below 20VDC and out of the normal signaling voltage ranges.  Regulated power supply maintains 22.5 volt output through the life of the battery.  Unique “touch-and-go” operation greatly accelerates testing.  Also, below 17VDC, it is not necessary to switch polarities to detect both positive and negative grounds, they are detected simultaneously.  Matches established analog meter impedance of 1000 Ohm/Volt, does not see “ghost grounds”.  Highly electrically rugged:  survives “tap” contact with 110/220VAC, cannot  be damaged by exposure to over-current of any value.  Ground detection beeper permits “touch-and-go” testing and triggers at 0.0001mA, addressing “ground-free” requirement of electronic interlocking and       grade crossing warning devices.  Push-button polarity reversal for quick check to determine if ground detected is on the positive or negative side of the battery.  With “Confirm” feature, allows independent testing of “dry” wires.  Operating temperature range:  -40degF to 140 degF.  Ground lead and terminal are green, to signify a connection to ground.  Comes complete with leads, 9V, lithium battery and tool         pouch zippered case with belt loops to permit attaching to 355 Signalman’s Meter web belt handle. Can be ordered as part of a Dual-Meter, or Triple-Meter Kit with the 355 Signalman’s Meter.  See 355 Section of this website.


1Ground Finder, complete as described above.360-4
2Ground Finder, above, w/Calibration Check Device.360-1001
360 Calibration Check Device

Plug-in device for confirming calibration of the 360
Ordering Ref:  360-30

Battery Charging Equipment for Meters In This Section That Operate On Rechargeable Batteries                             

Universal Charger – 100 to 250VAC to 12VDC @ 1.2AH, two charge-rate Charger, with charge-status LED.  Active 1A fuse and spare.

1Universal Charger  (Replace “XX” with appropriate country/area code for power cord)324-46XX
World AreaCode
North AmericaNA
EU – SchukoES
South AfricaSA
United Kingdom, IrelandUK


324-12 In-Vehicle Charging Adapter

Allows use of vehicle cigarette lighter/power port to charge batteries while enroute to a worksite.  Coil cord connects test device to power port.

1324-12 In-Vehicle Charging Adapter324-12


Replacement Lead Sets For Products In This Section

While these Lead Sets are designated for a particular meter, they can be used with any product we make, or made by others, as long as the term shrouded or unshrouded is observed.  Unshrouded leads can be used with any meter.  Shrouded leads can only be used if the jack into which they plug can accommodate                   shrouds on the banana jacks.  Examples of products S&C makes that will not accommodate shrouded leads are our Relay Slides and our 324 and 344 Short Finders.  Examples of products that do accommodate shrouded leads are the 355 Signalman’s Meter and 360 Ground Finder.

Relay Slides (Both Sets furnished)
1Claw Clips, 5 ft, 10 Amp, 18 Gauge, unshrouded, RA330-15
2Alligator Clips, 8 ft. 10 Amp, 18 Gauge, unshrouded, RA330-16
Megohmmeter (336-22 Lead Set furnished)
1Crocodile Clip Positive, Claw Clip Ground Connection, 8 ft., 10 Amp, 18 Gauge, unshrouded, RA336-17
2Probe Positive, Claw Clip Ground Connection, 8 ft., 10 Amp, 18 Gauge, unshrouded, RA336-22

Special Lead Set for 336-1002 Arrestor Tester Configuration includes Jaw Clips, Spring Clips and Plug-In Leads, unshrouded, RA


1Special Lead Set for 336-336-26



Ground Finder (360-19GF Lead Set Furnished)

360-19GF  Crocodile Clip Positive (Red), 4 ft., 10 Amp, 18 Gauge, shrouded, RA Claw Clip, Ground Connection (Green), 8 ft. 10 Amp, 18 Gauge, shrouded, RA






Ground Finder (360-19GF Lead Set Furnished)