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Buzz Box

The Model 420 Buzz Box was developed to aid Signalmen in ringing out or point checking wiring in signal cases and bungalows.  Compact, light-weight.  With Harness Accessory, can be worn around the neck to allow the Buzz Box to stay with you, safely, as you work.  Will not buzz through signal battery, either polarity (8 volts DC – up) or through relays with DC coil resistance of 100 ohms or greater. Up to a nominal 17 volts, circuit design prevents battery buzz-through.  From approximately 17 volts-on, the thermal breaker prevents buzz-through.  If the thermal breaker activates, a short wait period will be necessary before the Buzz Box is ready to resume operation.  Further note:  sustained  exposure to over-voltage (18VDC – up) may result in damage to the Buzz Box.  Operates on a standard 9 volt battery. Lithium battery furnished.  Battery can be changed in a few seconds without disassembly.  Accessory Neck Harness and Carry Case are available in Kits and separately, per below.

Model 420 Buzz Box, with 12 ft Leads and battery 420-10
Above but incl. Harness 420-1001
Above but incl. Carry Case 420-1002
Above but incl. Harness & Carry Case 420-1012
Accessory Kit, Neck Harness & Carry Case, only 420-101
Neck Harness, plugs in to web belt handle 355-30
Zippered, padded Carry Case, gray 324-15