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Crossing Warning System Setup Device

Crossing Warning System Set-Up Device  – Engineered product, the 225-1 Crossing Warning  System Set-Up Device (CWSSD) allows construction or maintenance technicians to quickly confirm general operation of a center-fed, motion responsive crossing warning system.  Both  approach and island circuits can be checked.  1000 ft track simulator, zero ohm and 0.06 ohm shunt capacities are provided.  Can also be used with short range, overlay track circuits t0  temporarily substitute for, or replace, the track during installation or trouble-shooting.  This product standardizes the jerry-rigged solutions used in the field.

Leads designed for use with this Set-Up Device allow connection to either cage clamp terminals or traditional 1/4 inch bolt, RSA (AAR) terminals.  The stub probes will allow connection to cage clamp terminals and the alligator clips that screw on to the threaded shoulders of the probes will clip to AAR terminals. Non-conductive housing and non-conductive, web strap handle, 12 inches long, allow  the 225-1, CWSSD, to be placed or hung from a convenient location during use.  Web strap handle can be expanded up to 48 inches with snap-in extender.  Optional zippered,  padded carry case is available.


New installation construction uses include:

  1. Connection to unit track connection terminals permits confirmation of approach and  island circuit general operation.
  2. Connection to the bungalow output terminals to the track confirms wiring between the  warning system unit itself and the bungalow exit point.
  3. Prior to cut-over, use the 225-1, Set-Up Device to provide a “track circuit” to keep flashing lights and gates from operating intermittently and unnecessarily.


Maintenance uses include:

  1. Use with a test unit in headquarters or shop to provide a “track circuit” to check operation of spare modules of a warning system.
  2. Use in the field at a location exhibiting intermittent failures to determine whether the problem is in the equipment or on the track.


Note:  Use of the 225-1 CWSSD requires strict compliance with company and department safety guidelines and rules.  Failure to remove it from the track circuit device under test when  work is completed will prevent the circuit under test from detecting a train. For operational conditions where an adjustment resistance is used, other than 0.06 ohms, the 225-1 is available with an alternative resistance value.  Refer to the below Ordering Information.


ACrossing Warning System Set-Up Device, w/3/18 Leads, 1000 ft. Track Simulator and Zero and 0.06 Ohm Resistances225-1
BAbove, but with zippered, padded Carry Case225-1001
CCrossing Warning System Set-Up Device, w/3/18 Leads, 1000 ft. Track Simulator and Zero and Alternative Resistance.  Replace “XX” with resistance value225-1-(XX)
DAbove, but with zippered, padded Carry Case225-1001-(XX)
EWeb Strap Handle Extender355-30