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355 Signalman's Meter Internal, Rechargeable Batttey Pack

A standard 355 Signalman’s Meter is powered by four AA lithium cells.  We are pleased to offer an internal, rechargeable battery pack for its 355 Signalman’s Meter.  As far as a rechargeable battery option for the Signalman’s Meter is concerned, this option is very likely the ultimate option. The new lithium titanate battery we have chosen matches the temperature range of the lithium AA cells we use and recommend, but the incredible 15,000, minimum, discharge/recharge cycles offered suggests this will be the last battery purchased for your Meter. In addition to eliminating the battery drawer as an issue, another significant benefit to our Rechargeable Battery Pack is that the battery voltage starts at 8.4 Volts, rather than 6.2 Volts. This results in an operating time that is nominally double that offered by the AA cells, before you have to recharge.  Shown with this discussion is a photo of the 355K-EB-6 Internal, Rechargeable Battery Pack, installed in a 355I Signalman’s Meter.

This option allows for a fully internalized installation, chargeable with our standard, Universal 324-46XX Charger, through a charging port in the side wall of the Meter Bottom Housing. It is available installed in a Meter from the factory, and as an easy-to-do, locally retro-fittable kit, with and without a charger (You may already have a 324-46XX Charger you can use) to accommodate the 355’s already on property.  Primary features of the Battery Pack are:

  1.  Type of Battery Used:  Lithium Titanate (LTO), not Lithium Polymer (LiPO), with bad     safety record.
  2.  Top Battery Voltage:  8.4 Volts
  3.  Battery Life Per Charge:   58 hours
  4.  Recharge Time:  4 hours
  5.  Discharge/Recharge Cycles:  15,000, minimum, given reasonable care.
  6.  Weight added:  10 oz.
  7. Temperature Range:  -40F/C to +165F/174C


Provided in this sub-section are ordering references for Meters with Battery Pack installed and Retro-Fit Kits for Meters already on property.

Because there was no room in the Meter to support a charger port on its face, the charging port is on one side of the Meter. We supply an extension cord to “move” the charger port to the top of the Meter. There is no need to remove the Meter from its zippered case to recharge the Battery Pack. Also, for Meters or Retro-fit Kits with Charger, a color-coded Carry Bag is provided to keep the Charger and Meter together.

A simplified Retro-fit Kit has been configured. When a Retro-fit Kit is purchased, a new bottom housing for your existing meter, with the Battery Pack fully installed, is furnished.  All you will have to do is unplug the two connecting wires between your Meter Top half and its old bottom half, and connect the wires from the new Meter bottom half to your Meter top half.

ORDERING INFORMATION (for Part Numbers of Dual and Triple-Meter Kits with Rechargeable Battery Packs in the Signalman’s Meter see Sub-Section 3 of this Section)





355I Signalman’s Meter with built-in, rechargeable Battery Pack, 324-46XX Universal Charger and Carry Bag



355I Signalman’s Meter with built-in, rechargeable Battery Pack, 324-EB6-12 In-Vehicle Charger and Carry Bag



Above, but without the Charger and less the Carry Bag






355K-EB Rechargeable Battery Pack Retro-fit Kit w/324-46NA Charger and Carry



355K-EB Rechargeable Battery Pack Retro-fit Kit w/

In-Vehicle Charger



355K-EB Rechargeable Battery Pack Retro-fit Kit, Less Charger



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