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Slide Fence Circuits

Slide Fence Circuits are of two basic types:  Side Wire and Hog Wire.  We have circuiting and apparatus, and can supply drawings and design assistance, pertaining to both types.  Our circuit components are common to both side wire and hog wire fences.  A 215B-2 AC Source Unit generates a 180Hz signal that feeds a 215A-10 Power Unit, which amplifies the signal level and matches the impedance of the line or cable that is routed across the space where it is intended that rock slides will be detected by a side wire fence, or through our 200-2 Pull-Aparts attached to a hog wire slide fence. Both circuits are terminated by our 217D Diode, eliminating the need for a small case or house containing devices such as a relay and battery that require on-going maintenance.  All components requiring power operate on 10-12VDC.  Maximum circuit length with a 500 Ohm line relay is equivalent to resistance of 47 miles of copper-clad line wire (out and back).  Contact us for a detailed application guide for Slide Fence Circuits.


AC Source Unit215B-2
Line or Cable Power Unit215A-10
Circuit Terminating Diode217D
40 Volt Surge Protecting Network for 215A-10 and associated 215B-2215A-18
Circuit Panel for rack or backboard mounting, less current-adjusting resistor and less Surge Network215-2010
(Picture) Circuit Panel, above but with adj. resistor to enable extra-low current use215-2020
Circuit Panel, above but with 215A-18 Surge Network built-in215-2021

Two-Pole Pull-Apart for Hog Wire Slide Fences – Ordering Ref: 200-2

Heavy Duty Resistor, Adjustable 500 Ohm, SOW – Ordering Ref: 215-500

Heavy Duty Resistor, Fixed, 46 Ohm – Ordering Ref: 215-146