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Breaker Off Alarm

The S&C Breaker Off Alarm addresses the highest percentage of crossing warning system activation failures.  Use it in train control signal system bungalows, as well.    Device is also a back-up alarm of AC commercial power failure.  Activated by the simple act of turning off the commercial power breaker.  Alarm has been designed to be noticeable, but not so distracting as to cause a maintainer to hurry his battery tests.  Audible alarm tone is accompanied by a flashing red LED in the alarm mode.  Electrically rugged.  Battery is double-isolated from AC mains by a transformer and an opto-isolator.  Single fuse protection on the DC power circuit and both-pole fuse protection on AC.  Low current drain on DC and AC during normal operation and in alarm mode.

Due to high impedance internal circuitry, the likelihood of maintenance replacement of the Breaker Off Alarm is low.  However, due to modular design, replacement is easy.  The housing stays in place and the top, with all componentry mounted to it, is exchanged by removing four wires from the Alarm cage clamp connectors, and loosening four screws; a two minute process.  Uses standard 3AG fuses.


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