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Speaker Phone

The Speaker Phone is commonly used during cutovers, cable meggering, and other testing-related projects that require communications between two or more people. Voice communication is superimposed over existing cable or line wire circuits to expedite the testing process. An optional Pad is available to use the rail and ground as a communication medium. because it is non-broadcast, conversations over Speaker Phone circuits are exclusively private.  In application, the Speaker Phone is transformer and capacitor coupled (DC isolated).  A low pass filter blocks higher frequency noise.  It will not shunt circuits into which it is introduced.  Each Speaker Phone coupled to the line or cable circuit reduces overall transmission level, however multiple units may be used effectively.  Unit operates on a 9V battery (lithium provided).  However, it can also be powered by local battery in the 10 to 16 volt range. Voltage sensing circuitry in the Speaker Phone detects use of local battery and disconnects the internal battery, avoiding internal battery damage.  Our Model SP-20300 Speaker Phone offers an improved, rain-tight design that includes an excellent operating temperature range of -40 deg F to +140 deg F; and a carry handle that permits an optional, plug-in Neck Harness, permitting Speaker Phone suspension from the neck for improved accessibility during cutovers.  The basic Speaker Phone includes the unit itself; a 9V, Lithium battery to supply operating power, and an 8ft. Lead Set for connecting the unit to line, cable, etc.  Optional equipment includes a Neck Harness and Plug-In Headset, with boom mike that allow a variety of ways to use the Speaker Phone; a Lead Set for connecting the Speaker Phone to case or house battery, a Pad that allows use a rail to ground connection to communicate, and an HD Carry Bag that will accommodate up to six Speaker Phones and their Lead Sets.


Speaker Phone w/leads, 9V batterySP-20300
Ref A, but including Neck HarnessSP-20300A
Ref A, but including Head Set w/Boom MicSP-20300B
Ref A, but including Neck Harness & Head SetSP-20300AB
Neck Harness355-30
Plug-In Headset w/Boom Mic20300-HS
Lead Set f/External Power, 12ft20300-15
Pad, for Rail to Ground connection20300-18
Bag, Carry, HD, Safety Orange, holds up to six Speaker Phones and Leads506-ON14ZB