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Base Of Rail And Head Of Rail Clamps

340 Series Clamps and Clamp Parts – Our Base and Head of Rail Clamps are like no other brand. Designed by engineers with 100 plus years of involvement with railroad signaling, no feature of these products is coincidence. We know what makes shunt clamps better, more suited to the uses of railroad signaling and those concepts are all included in these products. Many customers buy our clamps to repair or retro-fit other brand shunts. Follows is an ordering guide for our standard Base and Head of Rail Clamps. And, because every component of our Shunts is maintainable, questions about Clamp part ordering references are frequently a subject of phone calls. The same ordering guide provides you with a way to refer to the parts you want to buy. It gives you and us a common point of reference. Use the information in this section to help you get what you need.
1 T-Screw, w/ Roll Pin, only 340-100-2B
2 Clamp, Head of Rail, only 340-200-1
3 Connector, Head of Rail, only, w/hdwe, heat-shrink 340-200-8R
1,2,3 Clamp Assembly, Head of Rail, complete 340-200
11 T-Screw, w/Roll Pin, only 340-100-2B
12 Clamp, Base of Rail, only, w/set screws, h-shrink 340-100-28-1A
13 Kit, two clamp nuts, one spring lock washer 340-100-NWK
11,12 Clamp Assembly, Base of Rail, complete 340-100-28A
11,12,13 Clamp Assembly, above, but incl. nuts & washer 340-100-28NW