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Carry Bags

506 Series Carry Bags

At the time S&C Distribution Company began exploring the C&T shunt market, a representative of the company had a conversation with a CSX signal foreman in Florence, SC. The man made a strong case for protecting C&T shunts with carry bags.  It was a good idea, that we made our own.  From that point on we have championed heavy-duty carry bags for C&T shunts and Track Jumpers.  We make a daily effort to point out that shunts are instruments.  They are expected to maintain Zero Ohm and 0.06, 0.15, 0.25, etc. Ohm values, differentially, over many years. Something that refined, while looking like a set of jumper cables, is in fact is as much an instrument as a Signalman’s Meter, and should be treated that way.  Track Jumpers are simply Zero Ohm Shunts. Besides being a significant dollar investment, Track Jumpers need to retain their Zero Ohm value.  The photo above displays a small portion of the range of Shunt Bags we offer.  They have many other uses.  For instance, the large bag at the back, while designed to carry 100 ft and 200 ft. Track Jumpers, is also used as a carry bag for our 215-15, Dual-Purpose Walking Wheel.  Not shown is the bag for the 38 inch handle Warren Fast Shunt.  The following table lists our current line of these bags, including the 506ONBZB-38 Bag, for the 38 inch handle Warren Fast Shunt.  If you do not see one that matches your requirement, contact us.  We may already have it in the works.


1Carry Bag for Standard Clamp Shunts, 12 in. lg, Black506ZB
2Carry Bag for Standard CB Shunt, 10 ft Tk Jumper,14 in.lg, Safety Orange506ON14ZB
3Carry Bag for WFS, 14 in. Handle, 18 in. lg., Black506BZB
4Carry Bag for 322 S/C Tester, 20-25 ft Tk Jumper, 18 in. lg. Safety Orange506ONBZB
5Carry Bag for WFS 24in. Hdle,50-60 ft Tk Jumper,25 in. lg. Safety Orange506ONBZB-24
6Carry Bag for 100/200 ft Tk Jumpers, 18in.x18in.x5in. Safety Orange506-31020ZB
7Carry Bag for WFS, 38 in. Handle, 38 in. lg. Safety Orange 506ONBZB-38