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IJ Jumpers & Temporary Signal Bonds

504 IJ Jumper/Temp Bond

Essential tool used during circuit changeovers and emergency maintenance procedures. Two clamp options:  S&C, Easy-On, Base of Rail Clamps (with Lock Nuts and Washer) and S&C High-Reliability Temporary Track Wire Connectors.

Our Clamps get the Easy-On designation from the handle-like wire connector that allows the clamp to be “jammed” onto the rail, without prior ballast removal; and the T-screw that drives against the rail base at right angles to the top of the base (It wont walk off!). Maintenance of attachment and connection is enhanced with two lock nuts and lock washer resisting T-Screw movement.

The High-Reliability identity of our Temporary Track Wire Connector was earned at a test site, where heavy-consist, 50 MPH freight trains caused 3 – 5 inch rail bounce that     hammered the test installation.  For the entire test period a zero ohm connection was maintained.  The test was ended at 30 days because it was felt that “temporary” should   not exceed 30 days.

Zero ohm, high-conductivity and high-flexibility, No. 6 AWG welding cable 4.5 feet long joins the two clamps.  Conductor colors are black, safety orange, red and brite yellow.

Every I-J Jumper/Temporary Bond furnished by  S&C Distribution Company is factory tested for proper  Zero ohm resistance value.  Each Jumper/Bond is serial numbered and the value of the resistance  is recorded with the serial  number for traceability.


Replace blank in parenthesis with wire color code:  Black (B)  Orange (A)  Red (R)  Yellow (Y)


AI-J Jumper/Temp Bond, Zero Ohm, No. 6 AWG Cable, Base Clamps504-00(_)BNW
BI-J Jumper/Temp Bond, Zero Ohm, No. 6 AWG Cable, Temp. Track Wire Connector504-00(_)TTC