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Shunt Test Block Sets

324-104 Series Clamp Connector Sets

Our move into the Commissioning and Testing (C & T) Shunt market came as the result of our experiences while training customers in the use of our Short Finder product, with its unusual ability to accurately read very low resistance values, to test shunts for proper resistance.  We discovered that there was a substantial problem with shunt resistance accuracy.  While we addressed in our designs what we felt were deficiencies in the shunts that were then available, we also realized that a regular program of checking shunts for resistance accuracy was essential, regardless of brand.  We have developed tools that enable the Short Finder to make proper, zero ohm connection to shunt clamps, again, regardless of brand.

Today S&C Distribution Company makes more different types of shant than an other vendor in the world.  Our wide-ranging C&T Shunt product line, beyond traditional base and head of rail clamps, has brought about two additional types of shunt test connectors; one for our handle-style Fast Shunts and for shunts built to be used in imbedded rail.  These specialty connector sets are included in the list below.  In the photos that accompany this section, the Clamp Test Blocks and the Imbedded Rail Test Blocks are shown in use.  The WFS Test Block Kit is shown as a Kit, not in use.  All Kits come with Leads to connect the Short Finder to the Test Blocks and a Carry Case.

324-104 Set In Use On Head-of-Rail Clamp Shunt
324-104WFS Warren Fast Shunt Kit as furnished
324-104IR Test Block in use


1Test Blocks for Head & Base of Rail Clamp Shunts324-104-1001
2Test Blocks for Warren Fast Shunt324-104WFS-1001
3Test Blocks for Imbedded Rail Shunt324-104IR-1001