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Standard Clamp Shunts

506 Standard Clamp Shunts

By far, the largest number of C&T Shunts purchased are conventional clamp-type shunts. We manufacture these kinds of shunts, but with many variations available; variations that address railroad signaling needs such as additional resistance values, Open switch, wire lengths and colors, etc. The Open Switch can perform two functions: (1) literally Open the Shunt to allow a circuit to reset, trains to pass, etc. and (2) to create a “dirty” shunt to trigger a motion-responsive circuit by toggling the gold nut Open and Closed, or sliding a chrome-plated clamp along the rail..

Strain Reliefs
A new design for our standard, head and base of rail clamp shunts has been introduced where a strain relief has been added to the clamp ends of the wires. A photo depicting this change is to the left. The manufacturer of the strain relief claims a low temperature limit of -13 degF (-25 degC) which you might think limits its application to warmer climate zones. However, a widely based test several years ago, in areas that are quite cold (-30 degF, -34 degC occurs regularly in winter), conducted through a full winter, revealed a minor problem (1 break out of 50 units tested). In-service performance since has established that the temperature range is not a problem. This strain relief has a major, favorable influence on service life where wire breakage at the Connector portion of the clamps is concerned. It should be noted that many customers are fully satisfied with our Shunt service life as it is (one railroad test determined that it could be projected that our Shunt service life is 10 years). If you want to order any of the below listed clamp shunts furnished with strain reliefs change the ordering reference prefix from 506 to 509 or from 550 to 559.
506B Base of Rail Clamp Type Shunt
506H Head of Rail Clamp Type Shunt

Select resistance value or values: .06, .07, .10, .12,.15, .18, .20, .25, .30, .40, .50, 1.00, 1.10, 1.20, 1.30, 1.40, 1.50 and 2.0. Use “15X” for 1.50 ohm value and “2X” for 2.0 ohm value. Up to five resistances can be included in one Resistor Bracket. All test nuts down equals Zero ohm resistance.

Black (B) Wire Is furnished unless requested otherwise. Other choices are Red (R), Safety Orange (A) and Brite Yellow (Y). To specify color add alpha character in parenthesis (B, R, A and Y) in preceding listing to ordering reference as discussed below.

Add B (Base) or H (Head) to indicate Clamp preference.

Add Z to indicate Heavy Duty Shunt Carry Bag.

Typical Ordering Reference for a 2-Resistance (plus Zero) Shunt, Black Wire, Base Clamps with Carry Bag: 506-(_ _)(_ _)BBZ For Example: 506-(06)-(25)BBZ.

Additional resistances would be indicated by additional values in parenthesis, in series with those shown above. Note that the numbering of the “official” part number will vary from the sequence you provide us.