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340-301 Series Temporary Power Bond Connectors

CONDITION:  A power bond breaks or is stolen or a rail break or rail replacement cut has to be bridged.  Weather, time and equipment availability can delay a permanent   power bond installation. Through these  variables, railroad operations must be kept as free-flowing and on time as possible.

SOLUTION:  S&C Distribution Company offers the 340-301 Series Temporary Power Bond Rail Clamp Connector, with two interconnection options:

  1. Various Crimp Lugs to match a wide variety of common conductor sizes (shown left).
  2. Ball Studs for use as connectors where a pair of 4/0 cables are mounted to ball stud grounding clamps before clamping to the Ball Stud connectors on the Temporary Power Bond Clamp.


These products allow quick, reliable, semi-permanent replacement of power bonds.

The Model 340-301 Series Temporary Power Bond Rail Clamp Connector (TPBRC-Connector) is a rugged, field-tested and field-proven product.  When properly installed, it provides a zero ohm connection to the rail with the capacity to carry traction current, reliably.  It will stay in place until it is removed, even in areas where track conditions are likely to vibrate less effective connection devices off the rail.

This product reflects all the design principals of the now-renown S&C Railroad Grade Shunt Clamps.   Components of the TPBRC-Connector are properly hardened (55 to 60 Rockwell C) for resistance to wear and breakage, hard tool chromed to extend service life, for improved surface conductivity and configured to eliminate points where unintended and unwanted resistance can build up.  Application is simplified to insure the highest possibility that anyone using the product can use it correctly.  It will mount to rail from 70 lb. to 140 lb. in size.  Spacer Blocks to accommodate typical use with 115 pound rail are furnished.

The electrical connection between the pair of Temporary Power Bond Clamp Connectors is made either  by crimping an appropriately sized length of cable (user supplied), matching the Lugs ordered as part of the Temporary Power Bond Connector, or by attaching a grounding clamp with 4/0 cable fitted to it (clamp, copper ferrule, and cable, user supplied), to each of the ball studs already mounted to the Power Bond Connectors. Dimensions of ball stud used are:

  1. Length-from top of ball and including shank and hex base:  2-1/8″ (2.125 in.)
  2. Shank Diameter:  5/8″ (0.625 in.)
  3. Ball Diameter:  1″ (1.00 in.), nominal


The ball stud option is limited by the current capacity of the grounding clamp and the 4/0 cable.  This             concept is field-proven, but you should confirm current carrying adequacy for your application before ordering.


Temporary Power Bond Clamp Connector w/crimp lug for 250MCM stranded conductor340-301Y
Above, but for 300MCM stranded conductor340-301W
Above, but for 350MCM stranded conductor340-301R
Above, but for 400MCM stranded conductor340-301BU
Above, but for 500MCM stranded conductor340-301BR
Above, but for 600MCM stranded conductor340-301G
Above, but for 750MCM stranded conductor340-301BL
Above, but for 1000MCM stranded conductor340-301WP
Above, but for 2 each #1AWG conductors340-301P
Above, but for 1 each 4/0 conductor340-301PP
Temporary Power Bond Clamp Connector w/pair of Ball Studs mounted to the Clamp (See discussion above regarding current capacity)340-301BS
Kit including two Temporary Power Bond Connectors and Connector Wrench  in a Heavy-Duty Carry Bag (see below)Add “-K” to any of the above ordering references


TOOLS –   All the above  adjustments can be made with the Connector Wrench (PN:  340-301-18) offered, that includes a square end that allows tightening of the square head set screws and a deep-well socket that allows tightening of all binding and jam nuts including those on the J-bolts (Spacer Blocks enable the use of the Wrench on 115 pound rail).


Connector Wrench with 1/2” square socket and 3/4” deep-well socket, L-shaped340-301-18


CARRY BAG – Note that a Carry Bag is offered below as a means to corral the various parts, pieces and  tools of a Temporary Power Bond Rail Clamp Connector kit.  This is a very rugged, military-style canvas bag, with heavy-duty zipper, strap handles and hard bottom to make the load more manageable. Bag is offered appropriately sized at 6 in. x 9 in. x 19 in.


Heavy Duty Carry Bag (6 in. x 9 in. x19 in.)506BZB