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Temporary Track Wire Connectors

PROBLEM:  Weather, time and equipment availability can interfere with proper connection or reconnection of track wires, bonds, hardwire shunts, etc. Other times, maintenance operations such as replacement of insulated joint plugs and repair of broken rail require quick, semi­ permanent electrical connections. Through all of these variables, railroad operations must be kept as free-flowing as possible.

SOLUTION: S&C Distribution Company offers Temporary Track Wire Connectors in single and quad wire configurations, and Connector Blocks in two configurations that will address any of the above conditions. These products together allow quick, reliable, semi-permanent to permanent track wireconnections.

This rugged, field-tested and field-proven product, properly installed, provides a zero ohm connection to the rail that will stay in place until it is removed, even in areas where track conditions are likely to vibrate less effective connection devices off the rail. Use one of them to connect a single wire to the rail, two to make a  temporary bond or track jumper, one with Connector Block to accommodate multiple track wires that must connect to the same point on the rail. For areas where security is a concern, the T-Screw is replaced with a square head set screw. This product reflects all the design principals of the now-renowned S&C Railroad Grade Shunt Clamps. Components of the Connector  are properly hardened (55 to 60 Rockwell  C) for resistance to wear and breakage, hard tool chromed to extend service life and surface conductivity and configured to eliminate points where unintended and unwanted resistance can build up. Application is simplified to insure the highest possibility that anyone using the product can use it correctly. And, configuration allows the widest possible range of uses without sacrificing simplicity. It will mount to rail from 70 lb. to 141 lb. in size. To install, simply shove the “V” bolt under the rail and hook it to the base. Slide the Clamp Connector and other hardware onto the bolt and seat the Clamp against the other side of the rail base. Tighten the bolt binding nut and lock nut against the fender washer and lock washer until the lock washer is flattened. Tighten the “T” Screw against the rail firmly, plus 1/4 turn. Tighten the lock nuts on the “T”  Screw. Check tightness of the bolt binding and lock nuts. Some maintainers pre-equip their Track Wire Connectors and Connector Blocks with pigtails.  Following attachment of the Connector, it then takes a matter of seconds to crimp a track wire to a pigtail and the circuit is back in service.
Temporary Track Wire Connector, w/T-Screw 340-120
Temporary Track Wire Connector w/Sq. Hd. Set Screw 340-121
Temp Track Wire Connector Kit (T-Screw) (incl. 2 ea Connectors, one Thin Wrench, one Hex Key, one Carry Bag) 340-120K
Temp Track Wire Connector Kit (Sq. Hd. Set Screw)(incl. 2 ea. Connectors, one Th Wrench, one T-Wrench, one Hex Key, one Carry Bag) 340-121K
340-125 5-Wire Connector Block
340-127 7-Wire Connector Block

Connector Blocks expand the Connector  track wire capacity from a single wire to up to seven wires. They offer the same features and are built to the same exacting standards as are our Track Connector and Shunt Clamps. Two sizes are offered: 5-hole and 7-hole. Frequently, users equip these Connector Blocks with pigtails to expedite track wire connection in the   field. These parts come with a 12 inch interconnect pigtail to attach the Connector Block to the Temporary Track Wire Connector. They are also furnished with two 1/4 inch holes in opposite top corners, for possible use as temporary mounting points.

5 Wire Connector Block w/Pigtail340-125
7 Wire Connector Block w/Pigtail340-127

TOOLS – Tools required are often at hand. The lock nuts at the wire connection points of the assemblies can be worked with a signal terminal wrench.  A 1/4 in. Long Arm Hex Key and a 3/4in. Thin Head Wrench are available for those who need them for the other locking features. For the square head set screw, when used, we suggest a common crescent wrench is appropriate.  A rugged canvas, zippered Carry Bag is also available for keeping all Track Wire Connector materials together.

3/4 in. Thin Head Wrench340-120-18
1/4 in. Long Arm Hex Key340-120-19
T-Wrench for Sq. Hd. Screw for 340-121340-120-20
Standard Carry Bag (5 in. x 7 in. x 12 in.) for Connector Materials506ZB
Larger Carry Bag (6 in. x 9 in. x 19 in.) for Connector Materials506BZB

SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES – For unique applications, we offer four assemblies where two 340-120  Temporary Track Wire Connectors are paired with a length of wire to form hyper-reliable Joint By-Pass Bonds; (4-hole, 36in. & 6-hole, 50 in.); Zero Ohm, Hardwire Shunt (6 ft); and a 20 foot Track Jumper.  Part Numbers are provided in the Ordering Reference section below.

4-Hole Bar By-Pass Bond, 36 in. wire, with 2 Temp. Track Wire Conns.340-126-36
6-Hole Bar By-Pass Bond, 50 in. wire, with 2 Temp. Track Wire Conns.340-126-50
Temporary Hard Wire Shunt, 6 ft. wire, with 2 Temp. Track Wire Conns.340-126-6F
Track Jumper, 20 ft.wire, with 2 Temp. Track Wire Conns.340-126-20F
Quad Temporary Track Wire Connector

Intended to expedite the reconnection of damaged track wires, or track wires disconnected during T&S work, in inclement weather or where the urgency to reestablish train operations does not permit normal track wire installation, the S&C Distribution Company, 340-124 Temporary Track Wire Connectors have been designed to be easy to install.  Field tests in an extremely rigorous environment suggest that, if   properly installed, they will maintain a zero ohm connection to the rail for a considerable length of time.  Proper installation is important.  Descriptive instructions are furnished with each unit shipped.

Note that the 340-124 Temporary Track Wire Connectors can be used with 70 to 140 pound rail and that   the wire receptacles for the Track Wire Connector Clamp have been designed to accommodate up to four wires, in sizes from No. 9 to No. 6 AWG.

To install the Connectors equipped with a T-screw you will need a 3/4 in. open end wrench, a 1/4 in. long arm or T-handle hex key and a railroad signal wrench (for the locknuts on the Connector).  If you order the Connector with a square head set screw in place of the T-screw (for installations of longer duration or installations in higher vandalism areas) you will also need a wrench that will accommodate the square-  head top of the set screw.  Special wrenches designed for this purpose can be purchased from S&C             Distribution Company (PN:  340-120-20 and 340-301-18)   For reliable electrical connection you will also want access to a small quantity of No-Ox-Id grease or similar material to coat the end of the track wire or pigtail to be inserted into the Connector wire receptacle.

NOTE:  One signal maintainer with whom we are acquainted recommends that pigtails be pre-mounted to the Clamp. When it comes time to use the Connector, installation will only require crimping track wires to these  pigtails.

340-124 Temporary Track Wire Connector, w/T-Screw340-124
340-124 Temporary Track Wire Connector, w/Sq.Hd. Set Screw340-124SH

340-124 Temporary Track Wire Connector Kit (T-Screw)

(Incl. 2 ea. Connectors, one TH Wrench, one Hex Key, one Carry Bag)


340-124SH Temporary Track Wire Connector ((Sq. Hd. Set Screw)

(incl. 2 ea. Connectors, one TH Wrench, one Conn. Wrench, one Hex Key,

one Carry Bag)



3/4 in. Thin Head Wrench340-120-18
1/4 in. Long Arm Hex Key340-120-22
T-Wrench for Sq. Hd. Screw for 340-124SH340-120-20
Standard Carry Bag with tools for 340-124 Connector340-124ZB
Larger Carry Bag with tools for 340-124 Connector340-124BZB
Standard Carry Bag with tools for 340-124SH Connector (Sq. Hd.)340-124ZBSH
Larger Carry Bag with tools for 340-124SH Connector (Sq. Hd.)340-124BZBSH


CARRY BAGS – Note that Carry Bags are offered below as a means to corral the various parts, pieces and tools of a Temporary Track Wire Connector Kit.  These are very rugged, military-style canvas bags, with heavy-duty zippers, strap handles and hard bottoms to make the load more manageable.  Exterior snap-closure side pockets provide a place to separate and store tools.  Two sizes of Bags are offered; Standard, 5 in. x 7 in. x 12 in., and Larger, 6 in. x 9 in. x 19 in.  Configurations are also offered that include the appropriate tools for the two types of Connectors.  See above Tools Section for Bags with Tools.  The larger bag is preferable if you     intend to pre-pigtail the Clamps.


Standard Carry Bag (5 in. x 7 in. x 12 in.) for Connector materials506ZB
Larger Carry Bag (6 in. x 9 in. x 19 in.) for Connector materials506BZB