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Track Jumpers

300 Series Track Jumpers

300 Series Track Jumpers are used to facilitate track maintenance operations.  They are particularly helpful in keeping crossing warning systems from being unnecessarily activated.  Extended lengths allow the bypass of insulated joint replacement activities (plugs or assembled joints) or even frogs.  Track Jumpers up to 200 feet long are now part numbered.

Each Track Jumper is tested for proper resistance, and the test results are recorded by unique serial number assigned to the Track Jumper. Records are retained in perpetuity.

Highly flexible No. 6 AWG welding cable is used to provide maximum conductivity, flexibility and ease of use.  Wire insulation colors available include black, safety orange, red and bright yellow. Track Jumpers come with S&C railroad grade base-of-rail or head-of-rail clamps.   Protective, heavy-duty, nylon bags are available to keep the Track Jumpers corralled, from experiencing excessive tool box wear and tear, and to facilitate moving them from storage to use.


Clamp TypeWire ColorOrder Ref 6 FtOrder Ref 8 FtOrder Ref 20 FtOrder Ref 25 FtOrder Ref 50 Ft
 Safety Orange506-306-OB506-308-OB506-320-OB506-325-OB506-350-OB
 Brite Yellow506-306-YB506-308-YB506-320-YB506-325-YB506-350-YB
 Safety Orange506-306-OH506-308-OH506-320-OH506-325-OH506-350-OH
 Brite Yellow506-306-YH506-308-YH506-320-YH506-325-YH506-350-YH
Clamp TypeWire ColorOrder Ref 60 FtOrder Ref 100 FtOrder Ref 150 FtOrder Ref 175 FtOrder Ref 200 Ft
 Safety Orange506-360-OB506-3100-OB506-3150-OB506-3175-OB506-3200-OB
 Brite Yellow506-360-YB506-3100-YB506-3150-YB506-3175-YB506-3200-YB
 Safety Orange506-360-OH506-3100-OH506-3150-OH506-3175-OH506-3200-OH
 Brite Yellow506-360-YH506-3100-YH506-3150-YH506-3175-YH506-3200-YH
Jumper LengthBag Ordering Reference
6 to 8 feet506ZB
20 to 25 feet506ONBZB-24
50 to 200 feet506-31020BZ