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Model 344 Track Circuit Short Finder

Classic track circuit trouble shooting tool. Across the railroad industry, this product is successfully used as the common method to test track insulation of all types. It is further used to identify pockets of low ballast resistance; high resistance track wire connections in signal bonds, power bonds, impedance bonds, etc.; to test track circuit commissioning and testing shunts for proper resistance; test lightning arrestors for carbon-trace paths, etc. On both test frequencies (3.0kHz and 24.0kHz), will read resistance from Zero ohms to 10 Ohms, in 0.01 ohm steps; 11 to 50 Ohms, in 10th Ohm steps. Maximum resistance read is 150 ohms. Will indicate resistances above with symbol >150.

For identifying direction of source, frequencies and voltages of AC interference with track circuits, includes a spectrum analyzer that reads 0Hz to 20,000Hz signals above 70mV in level. Both frequencies of the signals detected and their voltages are shown in the spectrum analyzer display. Integral Voltmeter for track circuit trouble-shooting reads AC and DC voltages to 17 Volts, simultaneously. Ideal for working
with Style C (AC/DC) Track Circuits. Runs on internal, 12VDC, 1.2AH, rechargeable gel cell. Operating temperature range: -40degF/C to 140 degF/60 degC (battery dependent). Comes with 10A Probe Leads; built-in rechargeable battery; Universal Charger and zippered, padded, nylon case, with extra-large lead storage pocket.


1Model 344 Short Finder344-1

Probe and Clamp Attachments

Effective use of the Short Finder can require Probes to make easier, cleaner connections to the rail, or clamps to maintain connection to the rail while investigating an intermittently shorted insulated joint. Leads are four feet long. Ordering references include a pair of Probes or Clamps, and a pair of leads. Carry pouch is provided where listed. Items without pouch listing will fit in the lead pouch of the Short Finder padded case. Carry bag available to corral Short Finder, Charger, special Probes, Clamps, etc. in one kit.
1 Dual-Blade Probes (7 in. lg) w/leads 324-28A
2 File Probes (12 in. lg) w/leads, pouch (shown) 324-25
3 Track Probes (12 in. lg) w/leads, pouch 324-27
4 Rail Clamps/Leads Connector Set (Head) w/Pouch (shown) 324-31
5 Rail Clamps/Leads Connector Set (Base) w/Pouch 344-20
6 HD, orange, nylon Carry Bag, 18 inches long 506ONBZB

Shunt Clamp Test Block Kits

One of the primary uses of the 344 Short Finder is to test the resistance values of Commissioning and Testing (C&T) Shunts. S&C brand Shunts have socket set screws that make good connection points. Other brand shunts are lacking any good connection points for taking accurate resistance measurements. Also, obviously, the resistance values of C&T shunts are very small values. Any additional resistance caused by a poor connection can substantially distort resistance measurements. For these reasons, S&C has developed three different Shunt Test Block Kits for taking C&T shunt resistance measurements with all brand shunts and two Combo Kits. All kits come with leads and appropriate carry bag.
1 Kit with Test Blocks for both Head and Base of Rail Clamps 324-104-1001
2 Kit with Test Blocks for Warren Fast Shunts 324-104W-1001
3 Kit with Test Blocks for Imbedded Rail Shunts 324-104I-1001
4 Kit with Test Blocks for Clamps & Warren Fast Shunts 324-1042-1001
5 Kit with Test Blocks for Clamps, Warren Fast & Imbedded Rail Shunts 324-1CWI-1001

Calibration Check Kit

Unlike the Model 324 Short Finder, which requires no calibration checking or calibration, the Model 344 Short Finder, with its highly accurate resistance readings, requires periodic calibration checking and possible calibration. We have put together a Kit, including the appropriate resistance loads and specially selected lead set, with carry pouch that will allow you to confirm calibration or determine that recalibration is necessary.  
1 Kit with Dual-Resistance Test Load, Leads and Carry Pouch 344-30