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Model 400 ATS Inductor Tester

Allows compliance with FRA-mandated tests of ATS inductors S&C produces a two-device tester; the rechargeable battery-driven AC signal source with meters and a laminated Shorting Bar that simulates the on-board receiver. Shorted, open and deteriorating inductors can be detected. Test Load Resistor allows check of Tester operation and calibration. Operating Temperature Range -30degF to 110degF. Runs on internal, rechargeable 12V gel cell. Tester comes in a rugged glass-reinforced, poly-vinyl case with leads, Heavy Charger for internal battery and Test Load Resistor. Laminated Shorting Bar comes in its own HD carry bag. Order both pieces for a complete tester.


1ATS Inductor Tester, complete400-1
2Laminated Shorting Bar, complete400-2