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Shunt/Vehicle/Meter Interface

If a signal maintainer’s truck is equipped with a hi-rail wheel set, the S&C Shunt/Vehicle/Meter Interface will take the walking out of locating track shorts, bad ballast sections, etc.  Electrical sweeps replace conventional rail sweeps furnished with the hi-rail equipment, to allow cab-located meters such as a Short Finder or Signalman’s Meter direct connection to the rail.  Dash Unit comes with gold-nut activated 0.06 ohm (many other values are available, such as is a two-resistance Dash Unit) and hardwire shunts; gold-nut activated “Open”, allowing meter attachment and preventing unwanted shunting of track circuits and special screw nuts enabling attachment of the 4 foot meter leads with barrel connectors furnished with the Kit.  Electrical Sweeps provided can be mounted to allow for approximately 2 inches of wear, depending on the arrangement of the sweep mounting brackets furnished with the hi-rail apparatus. Sweeps come with nylon, anti-flair supports.  Two Sweep/Dash Unit Interface Cables in 15 or 30 foot lengths, each, are included.

Shunt/Meter/Vehicle Interface Kit, with 15 ft cables, specify Shunt Resistance
Ordering Reference:  344-5000-(XX)

Shunt/Meter/Vehicle Interface Kit, with 30 ft cables, specify Shunt Resistance
Ordering Reference:  344-5030-(XX)

Set of Replacement Sweeps (1 ea. 344-50-10L and 344-50-10R)
Ordering Reference:  344-50-100