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Walking Wheels

Unique, high-accuracy, high-count capacity, dual-purpose walking wheel measures circuit/rail lengths while staying on the rail, and, simply flip up the Rail Sled and clip it in place to have a walking wheel to work over ground to measure cable runs, etc.  Accuracy is +/- 1 inch in 100 feet.  Counter capacity is 100,000 feet or meters.  Available versions measure feet or meters.  Will accommodate rail sections from 90 to 150 pounds.  Sled/Support Assembly can be purchased without the wheel and handle for retro-fitting to an existing wheel.  Special carry bag accessory also available.

Walking Wheel, Feet   Ordering Ref:  215-15
Walking Wheel, Meters   Ordering Ref:  215-15M
Walking Wheel Adder Kit, Feet or Meters  Ordering Ref:   215-150
HD, zippered, Safety Orange Carry Bag  Ordering Ref:  506-31020ZB